Before you begin 
  1. Make sure your nails are clean and trimmed.nail clip
  2. Smooth out the nail with a nail file/buffer. No need to over-buff, so keep this step to a minimum.nail buffer
  3. Use the nail brush to remove dust from the nail.nail clip
  4. Use the flat end of the cuticle pusher to push the cuticles on your fingernail back gently. This will ensure maximum surface area.nail cuticle
  5. Apply a small amount of the nail dehydrator to the natural nail only. Wait for the product to evaporate.nail dehydrator
  6. Find the press on nail that would fit on all ten of your on nails sizing
  1. Peel the adhesive cover.adhesive cover
  2. Bring the nail right up to your cuticle line and apply at a downward angle. Follow by using pressure to the centre of the nail and pinching at both sides.Press on application

  1. The nail will pop off under some hot water or oil.removal press on nails