Beauty tips you need to know


Want to feel in your zen? Try aroma therapy as opposed to fragrances for a calming scent.  Make sure you apply to the pulse points. My favourite is sandalwood. What is yours?


If you want to look effortlessly flawless invest in serum based makeup products. The perks? Serums have skincare benefits too. Try – serum blushes, serum foundations and even serum bronzers.


Less is more- Literally. Invest in multi -tasking products. I love when a face product can be applied to the lips, cheeks and eyes.


Origins for India – Ayurvedic beauty is both spiritual and packed with nourishing health benefits for the mind and soul. It is definitely worth a shot.


Invest in some Indie beauty – go for the underrated brands/products that have a story tell – with some revolutionary skincare tech.

Thank’s for reading. Leave a comment on your favourite tip.

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