Beauty hacks in 2022 #part 1

Check out these trendy beauty hacks to elevate your beauty looks in an instant.  Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

Hack #1: Sunkissed nose
What you need: Contour/bronzer, blush & a makeup brush
How to: To create a warm button nose appearance, apply your bronzer (or contour) to the tip of your nose. Similarly, you can use blush for a rosy flushed appearance. 

Hack #2: Exfoliate your teeth (gently)
What you need: Teeth powder
How to: Teeth powder is an ancient technique and an alternative to toothpaste. It can help whiten the teeth by gently polishing and removing stains. 

Hack #3: The 'fool-proof' contour placement 
What you need: Contour 

How to: Contour above the ear (starting point) and work down. The placement of your contour is essential to get the correct definition & sculpt.  

Hack #4: Brighter under eyes
What you need: Pink blush, concealer & a pink-tinted setting powder
How to: Mix pink blush with your under-eye concealer. Then, apply this under your eyes for a brightening effect. Then set the concealer with a pink-tinted setting powder. 
Tip: Apply the same coloured blush colour to the cheeks. 

Hack #5: Make solid perfume 
What you need: Vaseline & your favourite perfume
How to: Melt Vaseline and add perfume to it for a long-lasting scent. 
Alternative: You can also add Vaseline to your pulse points before you spray perfume for the scent to last longer

Hack #6: Get bold but natural-looking lips 
What you need: Black gloss
How to: Apply black gloss for the perfect ' your lips but better look - vamp style'. 
Tip: Try adding black gloss over a nude lip shade

Hack #7: Full coverage makeup
What you need: Concealer 
How to: Let your concealer sit for at least 60 seconds before blending. This creates a full coverage look. 

Hack #8: Protect your scalp
What you need: Sunscreen
How to: Wear SPF on your scalp (hair part) if you are going to be outdoors for a long time.
Tip: Look out for SPF in a spray. The application is pretty simple when it comes to sunscreen spray for hair.

Hack #9: Change your lip shape
What you need: liner
How to: Draw lines at either corner of your lips using a dark liner. This changes the lip shape by slightly elongating. 

Hack #10: Get rid of dry flaky skin
What you need: Glycolic acid toner
How to: Apply Glycolic acid to your scalp, back and foot to gently exfoliate the skin.
The science?: Alpha hydroxy acids such as glycolic acid are very good at removing dead skin cells from the skin's surface and have numerous beneficial properties for the hair and scalp.

Hack #11: 24.7 Sculpted face
What you need: Tanning cream/foam
How to: Apply tanning cream as contour to your cheekbones and forehead. Wash it off in the morning so that the harshness fades and creates a naturally sculpted face. 


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