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Hey guys,

I wanted to share my personal journey in bringing my beauty brand desibeautyguru come to life.

At the sweet age of 15 and 16, I had entered the alluring world of makeup and beauty. With a handful of drug-store products, I began experimenting with online makeup tutorials. Of course, these products were completely the wrong shades and a desperate attempt to follow the crowd [insert image of scarily thin eyebrows here].

But beauty in 2020 has changed. It has become saturated by a routine of endless products – in a bid to perfect our faces – the market glorifies an array of steps from foundation, highlighter, contour, blush, fancy eyeshadow etc.

As a gentle reminder to myself, and all of you, sometimes using less on our faces can go a long way too. It doesn’t need to be challenging, or time consuming. Because beauty and makeup should be a fun, personal and an approachable experience. Above all, it should make you feel good.

For me – this meant a versatile tint that slips easily into my bag for mid-day or post-dinner touch ups. The ability to enhance my eyes, lips and cheeks with a subtle touch of colour. A formula that left a long lasting stain.

On this idea alone, my brand was born.
Say hello to my lip, cheek and eye tint.
A Multi-Use Tint Duo.

The Gulabi - Glow Duo means you as the consumer, can choose how you want to wear your makeup. Mix and match the blush and contour shades for an easy to blend finish that stays gorge all day and all night. The intense, but bendable pigment lets you go as sheer or as vivid you prefer. For a rich and natural colour payoff, swipe and quickly blend with the fingers.

Gulabi which means rosy in Hindi, is a deep rose brown colour. When applied to the face, it adds the perfect flush for doll like cheeks. It can also be used to brighten the eyelids, or stain lips with its long-lasting and light-weight formula.

The second shade Glow, is a rich chocolate brown. Roll onto the lips, sides of the nose, cheek bones or eye lids to define and sculpt. Quickly blend out any harsh lines.

Colour swatches

Control the amount of pigment you want to add on your skin. The choice is yours. Wear it sheer or bold – as per your makeup preference.  Layer as desired.

All in all, thank you for supporting my brand. I started with a small yet alluring idea,  but created a product everyone could use.

Please reach out, and share your feedback, to help me grow and expand my beauty range. So, what products and shades you would be interested to see in the future (comment below).

Stay rosy, keep glowing.

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