10 game-changing nail hacks and tricks (part 1)

These game-changing nail hacks and tricks will make your at-home mani look like a professional. 

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1. Apply your nail polish perfectly

Apply Vaseline (petroleum jelly) as a thin layer around your nails. The jelly will act as a barrier to prevent nail polish from getting on your skin. Alternatively, you may also apply hand cream. And voila! Perfectly polished fingertips.


@ipsy Would you try this? 💅🏼 #nailpolishhack #manicurehacks #nailhacks #fyp #fpy #IPSY ♬ original sound - IPSY


2. Remove false nails effortlessly. 

You can use a mixture of water and dish soap / or oil and water to help remove false nails. They 'pop' right off!


@style Oil, water and dish soap - You’re welcome! Will you try this?! 😍😍 @kyygirl #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #nails #nailhack #mystyle #style #hack ♬ original sound - Haley Lane


3. Get sleek French tips

Paint a bit of nail polish on the end of your finger. Then, press the polish carefully onto the base of your nails. Finish off with a layer of topcoat. TA-DA - DIY FRENCH TIPS!

@chloemorello This tip has totally changed the nail game for me! Have you tried it yet? #nails #nailhack #manicure #nailhacks #nailhowto #manicure💅 ♬ original sound - Makeup

Bonus hack: You can also apply tape or a bandaid as a 'guideline' to stencil on your french tip. Peel off towards the cuticle, not towards the nail. 

4. Dry your nails quickly 

Dunk freshly painted nails in cold water and the nails will dry faster. 

@ipsy I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done this. 🙃 #nailhacks #nailpolishhack #manicure #fyp #fpy #IPSY ♬ original sound - IPSY

Bonus hack: Spray nails with oil spray to set your manicure and prevent smudges.

5. Matte magic

Turn any nail polish into matte nail polish. Just mix with makeup setting powder. 

@ipsy Excuse me while I make matte polishes all weekend. 😗💅 #nailhack #manicurehacks #nailpolishhack #fyp #fpy #IPSY ♬ original sound - IPSY
6. Product swap

You can use a regular paint brush instead of a nail brush. 


@itzelg7 Trying the michaels brush #fy #fyp #fypシ #💅🏽 #nails #nailhacks #michaels @nailphoriabeautysupply ♬ Buss It - Erica Banks

Bonus hack: Erase mistakes by dipping the brush into nail polish remover.

7. Floss your tips away

Remove acrylic nails with a floss pic

@ipsy Who knew all you needed was floss! ✨ #nailhacks #pressons #manicurehacks #fyp #fpy #IPSY ♬ original sound - IPSY
8. Nail booster

Speed up nail growth by rubbing lemon juice on your nail bed.

@parabellbeauty1 The vitamin c in lemon strengthens nails. #naturalnails #nailgrowth #diynailsathome #nailhack #lemon #biglittlelies #longnails ♬ Big Little Lies (TV Theme) - Voidoid
9. Long-lasting nail tips 

Etch the inside of a nail tip for long-lasting nail tips.  

10. Brighter nails 

Remove Nail Polish Stains with Tooth Whitener.

@modelapproved8 Whitening tooth paste for nails #nailhack #cleannails ♬ Jayyy.goat Challenge - Jaden Hannon

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