beautyBeauty during quarantine and treatments to indulge at home

Beauty during quarantine and treatments to indulge at home

Your makeup routine has probably gotten quite shorter and low key. Bare faced routines, minimal looks and quicker steps. A refreshing change to our busy lives, this kind of extra self care can be the perfect addiction. But simple doesn’t have to be boring, and can serve us in more ways than one. The image we create for ourselves, is just as powerful as the image we create for others. Take this time to enjoy just being “you” and embrace our natural selves. The natural world can be flattering. And with less makeup, we can let our skin thrive.

I have compiled a list of beauty treatments that are perfect to indulge at home:


With less trips to the hairdresser, we don’t need to compromise the look and feel of our hair. I highly recommend purchasing the REVLON Pro Collection Salon One Step Hair Dryer and Volumiser. It is a time saver, and leaves my hair smoother.


We have heard about a detox for our diet, but what about our hair? Detoxing the scalp can also help relieve itching, dandruff, and other forms or irritation.This is a great beauty boost whilst working from home. I was amazed by this amazing brush to get rid of dry flakes – miracle worker?


Create a nourishing bathroom environment with a facial steamer. Have mist, warm and open your pores. You will immediately have glowing and healthy life-like skin. Investing in these simple rituals can help us feel good.


If you feel like a change to your beauty looks, semi permanent colour can be a safe choice. Explore and experiment with colour, and make a statement with your hair. There are no rules!

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